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Spread the word.

And if you're not a fan, whatever. Prolly gonna see this again several times over the next few days.

And yeah totally out of my usual verse. This is a public entry.

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Are they cancelling MY SHOW!?!?! >:

no one told me. :(

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No, but they won't commit to renewing it yet either. They're waiting to see how the ratings are when the four new eps are shown in April. This is just part of a big campaign to PREVENT it.

I'm hopeful it'll stick around. It's always done well in its timeslot.

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I hath dutifully shared with the world. Now just to have the fandoms succeed and to find out I'll be getting my vampire on in double this fall. :)


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I just saw your post so go you.

I swear, this yahoo group I belong to is abso RABID about saving the show, writing CBS, etc. It's amazing and totally cool.

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Hey it's bos_kristenlea, I just wanted to let you know I moved over here. :))
See you soon, hopefully.